Improve management consensus - - 2015 Liaoning Kazakhstan set the first commercial cryogenic Seminar


Improve management consensus

- - 2015 Liaoning Kazakhstan set the first commercial cryogenic Seminar

Text / Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan cryogenic Management Dept Gang

Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan cryogenic gas liquefaction equipment Limited is only joined in 2015 set a new member of the family, as soon as possible in order to integrate into the family collection, and enhance the company's management, under the organization and coordination of holding Management Dept, CIMC Ha cryogenic respectively October 17-19, November 2-4 in Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan cryogenic Harbin Branch, opened the original headquarters of the business plan successfully organized two seminars. Business Plan Seminar CIMC college teachers as Dewey catalysis division, and got enthusiastic participation and support of holding non-standard business center, holding strategic development unit. Engineering Holdings executive vice president of the non-standard business center Huai-liter, deputy general manager of Hong Chengzhong Holdings Market Operations, holding strategic investment director Gao Sen and other leaders at the venue, Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan cryogenic work fully affirmed and made valuable suggestions .

Since commercial catalytic Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan Cryogenic is new management concept, this is a valuable learning catalytic and promotion opportunities. As set Liaoning Kazakhstan cryogenic general manager 赵德泉 before the meeting pointed out, "This is the set of Liaoning Kazakhstan Cryogenic first concentrated form of catalytic guide discussions, to invite the leadership group and the relevant departments of the college set teachers come together to discuss the future development of the company, a rare opportunity. " He hoped that everyone can speak their minds, serious thought, and can be harvested and inspiration.

In Dewey actively guide the teacher, everyone in the competitor analysis, development and other sectors made a lot of very good, very novel idea. In the future development direction of the company, focusing on products and their own next move very positive aspect of the discussion and express their views, location and experience from their respective fields of view, we made very much valid opinion.

After this commercial catalytic, all Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan cryogenic participants have this discussion in the form of business has catalyzed a profound experience, and business management logic has catalyzed a preliminary understanding, we say up The feeling is "logical, clear objectives." The most important achievement is to help you compare the original idea of the sort scattered and summarized from the point to the line, from the line to the surface, to achieve a more systematic understanding and thinking, to work next year with the whole idea. Meanwhile, the commercial catalytic in the teacher's leadership, the company's work next year's lists specific initiatives and appropriate action, so that everyone on the sector and their future work have a clearer planning, but also for the company's future product range, the market has a clearer positioning. About the harvest, can we talk of a relatively vivid metaphor, it is the "stand higher and see farther, more ground gas."

With the consensus necessary action, commercial catalytic gave us a good guideline, according to the company's development strategy and action plan development, our work will be more clear and explicit, and more confident.赵德泉 total in the final summary noted, "I hope this seminar more organizations, the outcome of research is not only clear the company's future development, but also everyone consensus and common understanding of the process is a continuous learning process."