Enric Profile

Along with CIMC ENRIC Holding LTD., a Hong Kong main board listed company (stock code: 3899. HK) and one of Fortune Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, as the leading company, CIMC Energy Section, Chemical and Food Equipment Sector keeps a foothold in the energy industry, chemical industry and food equipment, providing customers with key equipment, engineering services and system solutions for transportation, storage and processing, and creating the "CIMC ENRIC" business brands. Now it has owned 12brands.2014 operating income RMB 12.3bn.

With 22 manufacturing bases and Research & Development Centers in China, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and other countries, the industry pattern of interaction and mutual support between China and Europe has come into being. Its marketing network has spread across North America, Europe, South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, China, Thailand, India and other regions and countries.

In the future, CIMC ENRIC will strengthen the impact of all of its brands and bring them into full play and actively advocate low-carbon economy, strive to provide products and services more environment-friendly, stable, efficient and safer than ever for the energy, chemical engineering and food equipment industries. All endeavors will be taken to ensure its role as a leading key equipment manufacturer and provider of engineering services and system solutions, with a view of contributing to the technological advancement and industrial development of the energy, chemical engineering and beverage equipment industries globally and eventually to a better life for the human kind.