R & D Manufacturing

Strong product development capability

Strong technical force, with senior technicians titles accounted for more than 20% of the number of employees, including senior technical titles of senior technical personnel accounting for 55% of the total technical personnel, and several people in the domestic famous university researcher, engaged in low temperature and superconducting engineering research and teaching. Engineering and technical personnel and professional and technical workers, diligent research, and dedication, innovation in the company year after year to increase investments in technology, product upgrades, regular coordination of foreign exchange, the company of natural gas, coal bed methane liquefaction technology has been in the business of water products leading position, market share among the best.

A, product design calculation software applications:

Natural gas, coal bed methane, coke oven gas, liquefied air separation process, such calculations are adopting international advanced software simulation, the simulation software at home and abroad by the technical staff will run a stable parametric regression treatment, the simulation results and the actual operating parameters match. Product Design Application design calculation software:

Aspen Plus, Hysys ProII MathSoft (process and fractionator simulation software)

TASC MUSE (heat exchanger design software)

ProE PDSOFT (3D Piping Software)

ANSYS (stress analysis software)

Lansys, SW6 (strength calculation software)

Eplan, Engineering Base, PCSchematic (electrical design software)

AutoCAD, Protel (Universal Software)

Intools, winpccad (Automatic Control Software)

Visio (series to the flow chart software)

In addition to regulating valves, safety valves and other valves calculation software; pipe flow orifice computing professional software.

B, has been natural gas liquefaction technology for utility model and invention patents:

Nighttime electricity use natural gas liquefaction process patent No. 201010116744.1

Simplified mixed refrigerant liquefaction process equipment Patent No. 201010116744.1

Refrigerant recovery Patent No. 200920099686.9

Natural Gas Liquefaction Process Patent No. with bromide chilled 20,101,028,254.3

C, different applications LNG plant mature process technology:

Natural gas liquefaction plant (Chongqing, Beihai, Jilin, MRC Technology)

CBM liquefaction plant (Shanxi Jincheng, nitrogen expansion process)

Coke oven gas separation liquefaction plant (Shaanxi, with MRC Technology bromide chilled)

Strong equipment manufacturing capacity

Strong equipment manufacturing capacity

The company's production base is located in Liaoning Province, Kaiyuan, it covers an area of 128,000 square meters, construction area of 25,000 square meters, with annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of various types of pressure vessel.

A, production plant:

Plant name length (m) width (m) height (m) Driving (tons)

Semi-finished products workshop 128 24.5 12 16 × 1 table; 5 × 2 table

Assembly plant 108 18.6 16 32X1 station; 10 × 1 station; 5X2

Warehouse 100 20 6 10 × 1 station

Crane / / / 32 t × 1 station

B. equipment ledger

No. Name Specifications / Model Number

1 CZ series manipulator CZ-6 * 8-G2 2

2 submerged arc welding machine operation ZHC-3 4

3 HCJ Series manipulator HCJ2 * 2.5-G1 2

4 SCR AC-DC arc welding machine ZXE5-500 5

5 inverter AC DC pulse TIG machine WSME-630 9

6 inverter DC arc welding machine ZX7-1250S 3

7 Inverter DC arc welding machine ZX7-500STG 2

8 inverter arc welding machine ZX7-400STG 26

9 Inverter DC Welder ZX7-630S 2

10 carbon dioxide gas protection welder NBC-500 14

11 CNC cutting machine CNC4000S-CLCK-200 1

12 plasma cutter LCK-120 4

13 plasma cutter LCK-200 1

14 Other welder


15 general overhead crane 50T 1

16 Crane QD32 / 5-24A5 1

17 gantry crane 32T / 5-24A5 1

18 general overhead crane QD20 / 5-22.5A5 2

19 general overhead crane QD16 / 5-24A5 2

20 electric single girder crane LD10T-22.5A4 2

21 electric single girder crane LD5T-22.5A4 5

22 Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine W11-80 * 2500 1

Equipment ledger

No. Name Specifications / Model Number

23 Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine W11-50 * 2500 1

24 Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine W11-32 * 2500 1

25 Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine W11-30 * 2500 1

26 Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine W11-20 * 2500 3

27 Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine W11-12 * 2500 2

28 Mechanical Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Other 2

29 hydraulic shears QC12Y-25 * 2500 1

30 hydraulic shears QC12Y-20 * 2500 1

31 hydraulic shears Other 3

32 hydraulic material bending presses WC67Y-160/3200 2

33 planing machine BBJ-12m 1

34 other cars, milling, Bao, sawing


35 air compressor


36 Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak ZQJ-530 2

37 rotary vane vacuum pumps ZX-15 5

38 wheel frame


39 rail flat car KDX-50T 3

40 modular substation ZBW400KVA 1

41 distribution box


42 water source heat pump unit CSHD430 1

43 heat control cabinet


44 X-ray detection machine XXQ2505 other 23