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corporate philosophy

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We dare to strive, but not reckless


We respect science and technology, but nonconformist


We uphold "the quality of life and reputation of survival,

Technology and development, quality brand for customer service "


◆ 1983 graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University power cryogenic technology professional.

◆ 1983 to the present, has been engaged in the design study of air separation equipment, gas liquefaction and separation equipment, senior engineer. Harbin has served as the design of the overall oxygen Factory director, deputy Director of Design Division, Director, Institute, deputy chief engineer and director of product development office and other duties, has served as developed during the large-scale air separation plant development Lead.

◆ 2003 in any institute of technology cryogenic systems and superconducting low-temperature laboratory director of the Harbin Institute of Technology, associate professor, master tutor. He served as the Beijing Electron-Positron Collider (BEPCII) cryogenic superconducting system process design project leader. And agreed to a number of natural gas-related inventions and utility model patents.

◆ 2010 year in Liaoning Ha cryogenic gas liquefaction equipment Co., Ltd., legal.

◆ 2015 years as general manager of the Liaoning CIMC Kazakhstan cryogenic gas liquefaction Equipment Co., Ltd.