First, the project schedule assurance program:

1) implementation of the project manager responsibility system, formulate scientific and meticulous design, manufacture, testing, procurement, installation, commissioning planned.

2) play their flexible mechanism, high efficiency, technological strength advantage, the various stages of cross-operation.

3) Press the tender side time requirements, and civil engineering design, construction units technical tests, to strengthen ties.

4) On the basis of the civil construction unit construction equipment to assist the tender side, supervision units to acceptance.

5) equipment to the scene, that is, to send a service representative, timely communication, feedback, inform and deal with various issues, shorten the construction period.

Second, the engineering inspection service measures:

1) After acceptance, the company sent field representatives (senior engineer in charge of the process, an exercise

As a technician) cooperating user operation and maintenance of the device and transportation security.

2) After acceptance, the company free of charge for users and provide technical training materials and handouts to help the demand side, the preparation of operating procedures and safety regulations.

3) warranty period since the company designs, equipment manufacturing causes damage or performance indicators fail to close

With the requirements, the company will be free until the design requirements for rectification, for reasons made because the user

Damage to the equipment, the company will actively assist the user for processing.

4) After acceptance, the company will regularly visit 2-3 times a year, to help users to solve production problems.

5) maintenance response time: failure to respond within two hours notice, within 24 hours to the scene, as indeed the product quality problems, ensure that five working days to troubleshoot and delivery.

6) spare parts supply: customer requirements for the supply of spare parts; commitment to provide spare parts for the high-quality products, and to ensure that the required 15 days to buy spare parts and consumables.

Repair commitment

1. The establishment of product files, keep track of customer usage information to provide better service and a tour planned activities for users to understand product usage, to protect the interests of users.

2. All products are installed in accordance with the terms of the service contract to provide the whole process service.

3. any technical questions about customers, the company will provide technical guidance free of charge.

4. The technical problems after installation, commissioning and put into operation the whole process, I need to meet processing company, after receiving formal notice in writing to the scene confirmed the need for processing, we will arrange staff within 24 hours to reach the scene treatment; such as special circumstances do call, in the use and maintenance during the warranty period found product quality problems, the company will be duty-bound to take reasonable solutions.

If the quantity of goods, quality or specifications with the contract, or confirm the goods are defective, including latent defects or the use of the material does not meet the requirements, etc., for the party after receiving formal notice in writing 5. warranty period , arrived at the scene within 48 hours free repair or replacement of defective goods or components.

6. In product quality guarantee period, due to product liability issues when temporary tell, supply-side to "after the first treatment to distinguish between" principle, repair or replacement of parts, to be confirmed after the responsible party shall be borne by the responsible party occurred the full cost.

7. If the user fails to use the product, once to get in touch with our company, we will send engineers to immediately accept, until help users to resume normal production.

8. The telephone service is provided: Harbin 045186336364